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Collect a once in a lifetime piece of artwork and come along on a painting pilgrimage journey! In honor of my Irish Great (x4) Grandparents, who immigrated to Rhode Island with their children after surviving the Irish Famine, I am returning to Ireland to trace my roots and paint the land that my ancestors left behind in an effort to survive and provide a better life for their children. Each painting's location will remain a surprise until the day of painting. Not only will you collect an original 5 x 7 inch oil painting painted "En Plein Air," but you will also receive notes and sketches about the day, the location, and why I chose to paint this specific scene for you. You will also receive a video of the painting being completed to accompany your artwork.


Though the exact location will remain a surprise, choosing this painting means your scene will be painted somewhere in County Tipperary on July 1st!

Ireland Painting Pilgrimage: Co. Tipperary

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