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About the Project:


In 2023, I learned that in the 1860s my Great x 4 Grandparents immigrated from Ireland to Rhode Island after surviving the Great Famine. Though I knew I had some Irish ancestry, I did not realize that this immigration was so recent nor that it was truly Matrilineal. In honor of my Irish Great x 4 Grandmother, Margaret Flynn, I am returning to Ireland to trace my roots and paint the land that she left behind in an effort to survive, and I'm taking you along with me! Each painting's location will remain a surprise until the day of painting. Not only will you collect an original oil painting painted "En Plein Air," but you will also receive notes and sketches about the day, the location, and why I chose to paint this specific scene for you. You will also receive a video of the painting process.


Though the exact location will remain a surprise, you can purchase a painting from a specific County or date, found in the descriptions below. For those who love true surprises, there are 2 mystery paintings available.

Though the content of the paintings will be a surprise to you until July, you can expect there to be expansive landscapes, colorful villages, and one lucky participant will get a painting of a herd of llamas!

I can't wait to take you on this pilgrimage.

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