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Care & Framing Tips for the New Art Collector

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Did you know that all of my original artworks AND Giclee prints are guaranteed to last over 100 years if properly cared for? That's right: all of my artworks are archival and are considered heirlooms. However, you may be wondering what "proper care" means.
tl;dr: Ask me about framing options for your piece, visit your local framer, or create your own custom frame from Frame It Easy to ensure longevity.

Watercolor, Gouache, & Works on Paper

For any original watercolor or gouache paintings on paper, giclee prints on archival paper, or even oil paintings on canvas paper, it is necessary to ensure that your piece is framed in acid-free materials such as foam core backing and an acid-free mat. It is also necessary to ensure that you frame your piece in UV-protective glass for protection from damaging rays. Acid-free materials help to ensure that your painting or print does not turn yellow over time, which can happen within the first ten years of its existence. I have seen new art collectors pay for an original painting and then place that painting in a regular photo frame from walmart or Amazon. This may seem economical, but it can damage the piece, ruin your investment, and there is also a noticeable quality difference in professional frames vs. photo frames. Your new work of art should be an investment and a long-lasting gift; it is the frame that both reflects and protects the value of your investment.

Oil on Canvas

Oil paintings on canvas do not always need to be framed, though it is certainly a beautiful touch for final display. All of my oil works are completed with an archival gloss varnish to protect the painting from dust and debris as well as ensure protection from UV rays and yellowing. Some of my oil paintings have a frame included and are wired to hang, such as this barn painting. There are several DIY options for building your own canvas frame. I recommend visiting Blick, Michael's, or your local frame shop for "floater canvas frames" which you can build yourself. If you want a very professional job with a dust cover on the back, a wire ready to hang, and wall protectors, your local framing shop is the way to go. Most of my canvas pieces are framed and wired for hanging, so make sure to ask if you are interested in a piece and want to ensure it will match your existing decor and interior design.

The Aesthetics

As an artist, I have spent a lot of time chatting with various framers throughout NYC and learning their tips. Though most collectors prefer a classic black frame with white matting to allow the painting to "breathe," I have learned over the years that white, gold, or barn-wood frames with colored matting can also bring a painting to life and make it more of a central conversation piece. One example of this is my sunflower painting shown below.
Notice how the green of the mat enhances the colors of the painting and gives more of a summery, breezy feel. If you are feeling playful, you can test various mat colors in Frame it Easy, or bring your painting to a local framing shop for suggestions. A larger gallery-style mat is classically beautiful, so it depends on your aesthetic.

Of course, I always have suggestions for how my pieces would look best framed. If you would like to discuss framing options for your specific piece, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I can't wait to see how you display your new piece! Congratulations on your newest addition to your art collection.

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